Did you land here after searching Pinterest for natural hair remedies, natural remedies for hair, natural remedies for natural hair? Well come back another time, as that is a future post. So for now, let’s tackle the matter of grey matter (you’ll understand why that’s funny in a little while). Not our super duper complex thought mechanisms; instead today is dedicated to an all important, somewhat narcissistic, age old question (full of puns today) “what it is like to get the very first grey hair?”.

Always been one of those self-righteous, “you know it is important to grow old gracefully” types, constantly espousing “allow gravity and time to do its thAng”. Kevin G told us, “don’t let the hayDers stop you from doing your thAng”… where was I?! So yes, you do you boo. *coughs loudly*… that was until, I’d visited an elegant and super smart gym-cum-lifestyle-space, it was a treat from one of my girlfriends. She’s a member, and put me forward for a taster day. As I’m in that awkward phase of wanting to look healthy and toned, yet the mere thought of exercise is exhausting in itself; I very quickly grabbed the black biro and signed the T&Cs form.

What a gorgeous space, and tucked away in a mews, in an otherwise busy neighbourhood. Slice of tranquility. 

Moving swiftly on… After a lovely swim, steam, and catch up, I dried my swimming costume and started the process of getting ready – we were off out to eat, afterwards. After dog-sitting a few weeks earlier, I’d whispered to her earlier in the day, how I’d need a lint roller for a few of my jackets, and the hilarity of still finding ‘doo doo bags’ in pockets and in my handbags. As she rushed me along, I thought I’d stumbled upon another culprit for the lint roller. Much to the chagrin of those around me, I shrieked. There it was staring me in the x5 double sided mirror. With an additional decade of life experience, she couldn’t grasp my shockcitement. Rather than whine, I’ve decided to #OwnIt – no use crying over would-be-dog-hair-turns-out-to-be-my-first-grey-hair. A few days later, catching up with a different chum, I relayed the whole story to him, to which he responded “wait, did you find the grey in your extensions or your hair?”. Amusing stuff…